“Great hickory flavor. Used it to make pulled pork for 20 people. It has a rich, natural flavor, no chemical aftertaste. Made the pork with only Hawaiian sea salt (red), black pepper, a little onion, some garlic and the Colgin Liquid Smoke. It was gone in less than 2 hours! ”

- Brad W. Stripe, Seattle, WA

“Hi, I just wanna say I found this liquid smoke to be great. It gave me exactly what I was looking for--that natural smoky flavor. If you want to know, I didn't find it tasting synthetic or artificial. It tastes very natural because it is natural.”

- S. Dang, Los Angeles, CA

“[Liquid Smoke] makes my food taste even better, especially red meats and roasts, chicken, turkey its pretty awesome i even put it on my potato skins sooo good.”

- Alexandra, CA

“My hamburgers turned out to be so good... The next try I gave this sauce was with eggs... and they too turned out to be great too!!”

- Cowboy Steve, BLOGGER Click Here to Read Full Blog Review