Beef Brisket Jerky

This recipe is for a whole Beef Brisket (12-20 lb). Cut recipe down for smaller quantities of meat.

Briskets have quite a bit of fat on and in-between its layers. Trim the fat layer off outside of brisket and follow the fat layer that separates the brisket at the thicker end to mid-brisket, trimming as you go.

NOTE: if you process a brisket without separating the thick end, you will find that the grain will go in more than one direction and your jerky will have a big portion of very tough jerky that is not cut across the grain.

After your brisket is trimmed and divided, lay section on cookie sheets and freeze.

When you are ready to slice and marinate- remove from freezer about an hour, till it is still somewhat frozen but is ”sliceable”.

In large container mix Jerky Marinade.
4 C Worcestershire Sauce
2 C Soy Sauce
1+ C Colgin”s Liquid Smoke (I prefer Mesquite, any
will do, use favorite)
3/4 C Hot Sauce (I use Texas Pete, any will do)

Use a meat slicer if possible, or a very sharp knife. Slice 1/8″ across grain, and watch for changes in direction. As you slice drop slices into Marinade.

Make sure that you sloosh the pieces around to get and keep them covered by marinade sauce. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours.

Remove slices a handful at a time, shake off excess and lay single layer on dehydrator racks. As your racks dry, you can consolidate your pieces leaving more room to add more marinated pieces. Leave in the dehydrator until they are fairly stiff.

As they finish, cool and put into ziplock bags.

I have dried several briskets worth of jerky and have played with a variety of recipes. This is one that seems to give the best results.