Certifications And Bottling Capabilities

At the Colgin Companies, we have the capabilities to manufacture, package and distribute your liquid product to the market. Discover how we can help you today!


Colgin’s Quality Assurance Supervisor, Willie Tolliver, has nearly two decades of experience in Quality Assistance and Control. We also have the following industry certifications:

  • HAACP Certification

Equipment & Bottling Capabilities

Below is a list of Colgin’s equipment and specialized capabilities:

  • 4 Head Inline Simplex Hot Fill Capable Liquid Filler Capable of Running 50 Bottles Per Minute
  • 8 Head Inline Gravity Filler Capable of Running More than 100 Bottles Per Minute
  • UPC Barcode Box Labeler
  • Steam Tunnel
  • Marburg Sleever
  • Nitrogen Induction System
  • Front and Back Labeling System
  • Ink Jet Coding System
  • Box Taper System
  • Ambient Fill
  • Hot Fill
  • Induction Seal Capability
  • Nitrogen Inline Purge Capability
  • MGL Wrap Labeling Capability
  • Shrink Sleeve Capability
  • Induction Seal Capability
  • Kitting Capability
  • Rosina Capping (i.e., Screw Capping)

Colgin also has an in-house cup with foil seal system, along with a packet machine that will do 4-ounce fills (maximum). We also have kettles that can produce batches ranging from 10 gallons to 500 gallons that include sweep mixer as well as agitation mixer.

Further, our smoke line runs an estimated 80 bottles per minute (i.e., approximately 4,800 bottles per hour). The pickle juice line runs an estimated 60 bottles per minute (i.e., approximately 3,600 bottles per hour). The hot-fill line runs an estimated 16 bottles per minute (i.e., approximately 960 bottles per hour).

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