Cheese on Toast Special

Here is an interesting variation on an old Toast-time snack. Not one for the kids. But you will enjoy it. Especially so if you like the taste of mustard.

We have all tried cheese on toast with tomato or pineapple segments, but here is something more adventurous. (use ingredients according to how many are going to eat this)
(2 persons 3 slices each)

Step 1
Take a Mixing bowl
add 2 desert spoons of butter
and 2 tea spoon mustard powder
warm water and mix it with a fork or whisk.

Step 2
Next add to the mixture the following;
pinch salt.
A dash Colgin Worcestershire Sauce!
cyan pepper
Mix again until mixture look smooth

Step 3
add grated cheddar – about 6 oz
plus 2 table spoons of light ale.
Mix well together.

Step 4
Spread on fresh chunky bread pop under grill until bubbling cooked.

You can next time experiment with other ingredients.
You could try adding slices of tomato and/or pineapple chunks.